Charity Profile: Mighty Oaks

Fast Forward Esports is proud to have Mighty Oaks Foundation as one of our charities.

The men and women who honorably serve our country not only put their lives on the line, but are subjected to the prolonged effects of a military lifestyle afterwards. Our veterans earn Purple Hearts for us, and they suffer broken hearts for us.

Mighty Oaks Warrior Programs houses veterans and military families, and leads recovery programs at first-rate ranches and retreats around the country. Military resiliency programs help veterans deal with PTSD, and spousal programs assist military wives in finances, emotional health, and motherhood.

We at Fast Forward Esports realize that the reason we can drive around in circles is because these heroic men and women charged in a straight line right into harm’s way. Rather than sitting in a dull, fluorescently lighted waiting room for hours, only to be given a routine prescription, these heroes are granted real-life interpersonal relationships and personalized care on a day-to-day basis.

The buddy system that the military employs is extended and amplified with Mighty Oaks. The lodges in which they stay are first-class and handicap-accessible, complete with fabulous meals and recreational activities. This is what our veterans deserve. We love them!

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