Andrew Faryniarz wins at Darlington, laps the field

The Bolt Action Truck Series held its fifth race of the Summer 2019 Season at “The Track Too Tough to Tame” on Tuesday night. Andrew Faryniarz qualified his #88 machine on the pole and would lead 97 of the 100 laps, lapping the field and scoring his second win of the season.

The 88 of Faryniarz led the field to the green flag with the 6 truck of Chris Worrell to his outside. By lap 4, the 28 of John Furnas had moved from his fourth starting position on up to second place, passing Worrell for the spot. He was then promptly overtaken by the 94 of Galen Gidman.

On lap 6, the 98 of Steve Durham got loose right in front of Logan McGlothlin’s 5 truck and spun, bringing out what would be the race’s only yellow flag.

The 85 of Steven Pearson elected to stay out under this caution and assumed the lead as a result. Pearson was quickly passed by Faryniarz and the 18 of Zack Nichols on the lap 10 restart.

The 18 of Nichols would subsequently get loose and then into the wall but was able to save it and continue.

The 18 rallied and when the 12 of Dylan Jones got by him for P5, the 18 took the spot right back. Nichols only had so much fight in him, and around lap 22 he forfeited after beating the truck up too much.

The 12 pressed onward and got by the 11 of Ron Hollifield on lap 26, as the battle for second place heated up between Galen Gidman (94) and last week’s winner, Jeff Hollingsworth (97).

Steven Pearson encountered trouble on lap 33, getting into the straightaway wall while attempting to avoid McGlothlin, who was out of shape on corner exit.

McGlothlin himself would experience his own trouble on lap 41 when he spun onto the apron of the racetrack after making contact with Jones. This, however, did not bring out the yellow flag.

The halfway mark had leader Andrew Faryniarz attain the bonus point for leading, and that same lap the 98 of Durham spun and made hard contact with the inside wall. This also did not bring out a caution.

By lap 50, the top 5 drivers in the running were leader Faryniarz, Gidman in second, Hollingsworth in third, Furnas in fourth, and Jones in fifth.

The 12 of Jones had computer issues on lap 56 but was fortunate (and considerate) enough to promptly exit the server before the calamity spread to other drivers.

Gidman came onto pit road to service his vehicle on lap 57, Hollingsworth come in on lap 60, and Faryniarz serviced his truck on lap 61.

After pit stops, Gidman had gained about 13 seconds on Hollingsworth. Furnas took a lot of time to repair the considerable damage to his truck.

By lap 70, the top 5 in the running were Faryniarz, Gidman, Hollingsworth, Hollifield, and Furnas.

The 5 of McGlothlin spun a second time on lap 86, but this also did not bring out a caution flag.

On lap 97, leader Faryniarz had gotten around Gidman, thus lapping the field. He then continued his cruise onto victory.

Congratulations to Andrew Faryniarz for such a masterful performance!

Winner: Andrew Faryniarz (97 laps led)
P2: Galen Gidman
P3: Jeff Holingsworth
P4: Ron Hollifield
P5: Logan M McGlothlin